What We Have Done Before...

Embedded Engineering Solutions has been providing quality engineering services to customers for more than 5 years. Past projects and areas of work include the following:

Expertise for Dedicated Engineering Support and Maintenance
We have experience with a wide range of industries, companies, and projects. Some of our past successes include:  

  • Developing a 3-phase variable frequency drive designed and optimized for a direct solar DC input for a company that installs remote solar pumping applications 
  • Developing a ruggedized system that displayed hardwired video output from a specific piece of equipment for a large defense contractor 
  • Developing multiple hardware and software features for a mid-sized company making medical kiosks including sensing, display and control capabilities 
  • Developing wireless consumer devices to support telemedicine for a small subsidiary of a large medical device company 
  • Designed numerous circuit board layouts with up to 8 routing layers for a large supplier of silicon fabrication equipment 
  • Developed hardware and firmware solutions for a manufacturer of innovative prosthetic controls including BLE communication, power management, analog signal reading and complex mathematical manipulation of control signals 
  • Developed firmware for a mid-sized manufacturer of inventory control and management products including Zigbee communication and aggressive power management 
  • Worked with a small medical device startup to design and deploy a battery powered electro-mechanical chest compressor to allow continuous automated CPR for up to 3 hours 
  • Designed hardware and software for a 3-phase motor soft starter for a small industrial controls company 
  • Developed firmware to establish remote connectivity to Amazon Web Services for a multi-national corporation using their mobile network and allow them to demonstrate at CES2017 
  • Developed multiple hardware and firmware solutions to demonstrate various component products including DisplayPort and SoC devices for a large electrical component distributor 
  • Developed firmware to communicate over BLE to a mobile device app and allow remote control of an embedded LED product 
  • Developed hardware and software for an LED system that displays complex patterns on a string of multi-color LEDs 

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