Our Embedded Engineering service helps us collaborate with our customers. Our factory-trained field service professionals can focus on your core competencies while we deliver productivity improvements.

EES is a contract engineering firm with a special focus on embedded design.

We work with our clients to understand the specific needs of their projects and customize our effort to meet those needs without the bloat and extra costs that sometimes come when using an engineering contractor. When you work with us, you are working directly with engineers, not with project managers or engineering executives with high hourly bill rates and minimal contribution. Everyone working on your project is directly contributing to its success.

We know that sometimes circumstances change and at times like that, our clients appreciate flexibility. As such, we don’t use long term contracts and our clients are free to suspend or stop projects at any point if the circumstances dictate. In such an instance, they are only charged for the actual time and expenses accrued to that point. Suspended projects can be reactivated when appropriate or not at all as the circumstances dictate but we always only charge for the time actually spent and materials actually used while the project was active.

The industries that we have experience with include but are not limited to: consumer products, medical devices, industrial controls, communications, supply chain management, defense, and manufacturing.

We work with companies that run the gamut in size and sophistication. Our past clients have ranged from single person start-ups to billion-dollar multi-national corporations and everything in between. We can work independently or in parallel with an in-house development team and have worked both ways on many different projects.


Hardware Design Capabilities 
  • Primary design tool is Altium Designer but we also have experience with Eagle and PADS
  • Circuit design and schematic design for mixed signal analog and digital circuitry
  • Circuit board layout including high voltage/high current, high density and impedance control
  • Part research and specification Bill of Material preparation
  • Full hardware lab including hot-air rework, re-flow oven, 3D printing and common hardware test equipment (O-scope, signal generator, bench supplies…etc.)


Software Development Capabilities 
  • Language experience (most commonly used are listed)
    • Embedded C – IDEs including Eclipse, CCS, MPLAB, Dave, IAR Embedded Workbench, mbed and Arduino
    • C# – Visual Studio
    • Python – for both PC and embedded (Raspberry Pi) deployment
    • VHDL – Xilinx Vivado toolchain
    • Swift – iOS development
    • Java/Kotlin – Android development
  • Embedded platforms
    • Espressif – ESP32
    • Texas Instruments – MSP430, CC2540/CC2541, C2000 Family, Piccolo Microprocessor
    • Microchip – PIC16, PIC32, dsPIC
    • Atmel – SAMA5, ATmega
    • Infineon – XMC1200, XMC1400
    • ST – STM Family
    • Nordic – nRF5x family
    • Xilinx – Zynq-7000
    • Freescale – Kinetis K64
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino
  • Communication Protocols
    • Wifi
    • BLE
    • TCP/IP
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • LoRa
    • UWB
    • CANbus
    • Zigbee
    • RS232/485
    • One-wire
    • ModBus

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